Partners Network

Partner Network


NIBSS, Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement System, provides the infrastructure for automated processing, settlement of payments and fund transfer instructions between Banks, Discount Houses and Card Companies in Nigeria.

Our Partnership

Klug & Heimer has teamed up with NIBSS as both an Aggregator and a Concentrator, leveraging on NIBSS's existent infrastructure to deliver trusted automated financial processing solutions as may be required by our clients.

About Coding Earth

Coding Earth is a leading service provider of Web Applications, Software as well as web design and development services throughout the globe.

Their main services include, Web Application Development, Software Developments, Internet Marketing Services, Website Design & Development, Consultancy Services, Outsourcing, as well maintenance services.

Our Partnership

The partnership with Coding Earth is such to give us a larger pool of Solutions Delivery team, while taking advantage of the wealth of experience of the team on value adding projects handled in time past.

About Conquest Creative Solutions

Conquest Creative Solutions is a software development company and the creator of Schoolsbox, a School Management System.

Our Partnership

Conquest Creative Solutions has jointly partnered with Klug & Heimer on a number of custom application development projects and still have a good synergy at delivery value enhancing solutions to clients.

About Tsaboin Tech World

Tsaboin Tech is a team of versatile techies who are continuously researching and discovering innovative ways of implementing software solutions to improve life and business.

Tsaboin Tech World is the creator of Tsaboin Traffic Talk, a social utility platform that provides traffic reports to help road users avoid traffic. An application that is centred around sharing information, where users can report about road and traffic conditions.

Our Partnership

Tsaboin Tech is one of our IT Advisory and Business Improvement consulting partners.