IT Advisory Services

IT Advisory Services

In addition to the services offered in the custom software development arena, senior Marathon consultants have provided highly effective IT advisory services to numerous organizations. These services have been utilized by clients when faced with such challenges as the replacement of a mission-critical system, build versus buy decisions, evaluation of IT departmental effectiveness, staff planning, and IT strategy definition.


Packaged Software (COTS) Selection
Replacement of a mission-critical application with a Commercial Off The shelf Software (COTS) product and the required packaged software selection process is one of the riskiest IT projects an organization can undertake. We have a team of Business Analysts and technology experts who have been performing packaged software (COTS) selections which can be of service to your organization.
Software Evaluation
Klug & Heimer executes a repeatable, quantifiable approach to meeting this challenge. The approach is based on a comprehensive evaluation of the application in question, resulting in an objective assessment of the pros and cons of each alternative. One of the chief benefits of this approach is the establishment of expectations concerning the alternatives. With this picture, the client has a clear view of which course offers the organization the optimum solution.
Project Management

We offer Project Management services in two delivery modes and at two levels.

Clients often request Project Management services in a Staff Augmentation mode. This delivery mode is typically characterized by a client-defined project and client project team, to which the client adds a Klug & Heimer Project Manager to lead the effort.

The alternate delivery mode is referred to a "KH Managed Engagement", or KH-ME. In this mode, Klug & Heimer works with the client from project inception in order to define project scope, goals, specific requirements, budget, and Work Plan. Once the client agrees to the definition of the project, Marathon assumes the responsibility for managing the project to meet the goals.

IT Departmental & Staffing Evaluation
We can help you tap entire new streams of revenue that used to be uneconomical and get you the up-front analysis and re-architecting needed to build a platform for growth.

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